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The City of Portland and Portland International Jetport needed to solve an acute problem of insufficient parking at the Jetport. DHK was hired to prepare a Master Plan for all of the airport’s parking needs with the goal of achieving a capacity of 5,000 parking spaces. In addition to satisfying parking needs, the DHK Master Plan optimized car rental operations, improved passenger pick-up/drop-off, taxi, bus and limousine operations, and optimized vehicular and pedestrian traffic at the airport.

DHK designed a new 6-story, 1,500-car parking garage to implement the first phase of the plan. It included a new state-of-the-art car rental facility and the relocation of the loop road and the baggage-claim bypass road. Shortly after this building was completed, DHK was hired to design an addition to the Phase-I structure with a capacity for another 1000 spaces. Although several of its elements originated in the Phase-I parent structure, the Phase-II design also had had to achieve high quality pedestrian connections with the passenger Terminal located in its immediate vicinity across the access drive.

Special Features
The car rental facility features a dramatic steel and glass roof over its lobby and glass enclosed pedestrian connector from the main terminal building.