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The design of a new passenger terminal building and the reconstruction of a 30-year-old ferry terminal facility were bound to draw comments from the Island’s venerable residents. Everyone had an opinion and was eager to share it with the world, but in the end the DHK team reconciled the disparate views and delivered a design that won plaudits from all sides.

The scope of the project included a new terminal building, complete site reorganization, landscaping and site amenities. The program for the terminal building itself included waiting areas, a ticketing area, visitor center stands, cash dispensing machines, lockers, a public address system, and more. The operational side of the facility includes space for ticket agents, offices and meeting rooms, and boat crew and storage quarters. All of this was housed in a modestly sized building that was designed to harmonize with the traditional wood frame buildings that characterize Martha’s Vineyard’s architectural culture.

Special Features
The main body of the building is a two-story structure with a deck that projects out toward the harbor in a gesture that greets incoming visitors. The single story structures that flank the main building extend open, covered pedestrian spaces for circulation and waiting.