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The development of San Juan in the post war years was marked by an expansion of the urban street and highway networks to accommodate rapid growth in vehicular traffic. A new rail mass transit system was proposed as an alternative to increasing vehicular congestion and a deficient bus transit network. The Tren Urbano would extend out to suburban neighborhoods to provide rapid, efficient access to inner city business and cultural destinations.

This new commuter rail system traverses nearly 11 miles within the urban core of greater San Juan and includes the design and siting of 14 train stations. The types of stations proposed include elevated, open cut and subway-type construction. DHK worked as an integral part of the general management consultant team in charge of the urban design aspects of the project. As part of this team, DHK was responsible for the urban design guidelines of the line segments and station areas as well as the development of design and re-zoning guidelines for the joint development areas along the transit system.