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The revitalization of Jackson Square is an ambitious mixed-use, transit-oriented development in the area surrounding the MBTA Orange Line and bus station on Center Street in Jamaica Plain. It was undertaken through a joint venture of several CDC’s to take advantage of an underdeveloped district in a popular inner city neighborhood that has experienced rapid transformation in the past decade. The Site 3 Master plan is the second phase of the overall planning effort.

The DHK Master Plan encompasses private and public land adjacent to the transit system’s right of way in an area that is characterized by industrial and warehouse uses that are giving way to residential and service uses. The plan extends the street network to provide access and link the new development to existing residential areas in the surrounding neighborhood. The development program includes a 104-unit condominium building with ground floor retail, a 40-unit affordable apartment building and the reclamation of vacant land subject to an MBTA access easement along the rail right of way, to be used for parking. A portion of this area will be transformed into community public space including a landscaped plaza and park, a green buffer and a bike/pedestrian path.

Special features
Special challenges for the master plan were posed by existing utility infrastructure and the need to maintain an access easement along the MBTA right of way. A major combined sewer has to be relocated in order to allow efficient development on the site and the design of the parking and public open space has to allow for maintenance vehicles to access the railroad right of way.