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Context /Significance
In urban design, architecture, housing quality and amenities, the new Franklin Hill challenges the notion that public housing is somehow inferior. This 10-acre development replaced an outdated, problem-plagued public housing complex in Boston. It brings a revitalized sense of community, pride of place and the joy of living to 254 low-income households.

The community-based design puts people first by creating beautiful, pedestrian friendly public streets and green spaces. It features a community park at its center and a variety of apartment options that range from several townhouse designs in two and three story buildings to flats in three midrise buildings. The non-residential program includes a Boys & Girls club, offices for the resident organization and a management office

Excellence in design is evidenced by the wonderful variety and richness achieved with simple, traditional building forms and materials: gables, bays, clapboard siding, shingles and brick combined with metal panels in the midrise buildings. The creative use of color brings a sense of individuality to each unit and a new sense of vitality and cohesion to the entire community.

Special features
Sustainability was a key goal. The buildings were designed to meet LEED Silver standards and one midrise building provides a renewable source of energy with photovoltaic solar panels on the roof.