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The Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is a major piece of transit infrastructure that was built to spearhead the redevelopment South Boston. A former industrial district would be transformed into a dynamic mixed-use destination, right on the city’s waterfront, by connecting it to the downtown core. DHK was selected as the Architect of Record* for Courthouse Station, one of three underground stations that provide access to this district that is currently the focus of business, hotel, residential and recreational development.

The station has two below grade levels, with a lower transit level and a mezzanine level above. It was designed with large, two-story open spaces that connect the two levels with elevators, stairs and escalators. The mezzanine was designed to have retail vendors and to link directly to underground parking and retail that would be built on the abutting properties owned by a private development partner. As a result, this station is one of the largest in the MTBA’s network.

Special Features
This project was unique in the MBTA’s underground system in that it was to be a private/public partnership. It was designed with special finishes and lighting that was chosen to enhance the marketability of the retail & commercial spaces. The mezzanine ceiling features two suspended “cloud” structures that can be used as projection screens for multi-media artwork.