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Designing for Resiliency
Soundview Landing, Norwalk, CT

Every structure we design must be planned to be resilient against the impacts of climate change. Nowhere was this more critical than in Norwalk, CT, where Trinity Financial, Inc. engaged DHK Architects to design a new mixed income housing development on a site overlooking Norwalk Harbor.

View of dry egress path along Building D to high ground at Day Street.

The locale, where a public housing development once stood, is in an area of Norwalk which was rapidly transforming and taking advantage of its location near Long Island Sound. It is also an area that is subject to flooding.

DHK designed a new 108-unit mixed-income development consisting of two new midrise apartment buildings connected by landscaped recreation areas. We located all of the residential units and critical mechanical equipment on or above the second-floor level with only parking garages and entry lobbies on the first floor.
Each building has a fully accessible egress from the second floor leading to a ”dry” paved path that is raised above the 100-year flood level. This “dry” path leads to a stretch of a city street that is also raised above the flood level.

Today, as we are already witnessing the impacts of climate change, communities must demand that buildings be designed for resiliency.

View of dry egress path on elevated patio between the two buildings.