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The Big Dig Comes to Medford, MA
Green Line Extension - Medford/Tufts Station

Medford/Tufts Station

Twenty years ago a lawsuit forced the Big Dig highway project to include a public transit component, and that initiated the Green Line Extension project. Today, as part of the GLX Constructors joint venture team, DHK Architects is working on the Medford/Tufts Station.

Construction has already begun on this station that is located on perhaps the most challenging of the seven station sites. There

is a dramatic change in grade elevation from track level to street level of approximately 25 feet. This resulted in the creation of a massive retaining wall that will form a backdrop to the station.

DHK’s design response to this challenge was to create two vertical circulation elements that bracket the platform at each end. At the station head house, twin glass enclosed elevator towers create an iconic image that will function as a pair of luminous beacons at night. At the other end an accessible pedestrian ramp, itself a glowing, serpentine that zigzags up the cliff to reach the street.

When completed the Green Line Extension project will add seven new Green Line stations in Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford Massachusetts. The Medford/Tufts Station will be fully accessible and will include a large head house with two elevators, restrooms and numerous back of house spaces that are required for an end of the line station. It will feature an integrated art project designed by a local artist, as well as an emergency egress ramp to allow safe exit from both ends of the platform. GLX officials expect the project to be fully completed on time, by the end of 2021.

Medford/Tufts Station