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Washington Village (Phase 3)
South Norwalk, CT

Building D View from Day Street

Building E View from Water Street

South Norwalk is in the midst of an urban revitalization that has produced a burst of new construction and building renovation for housing and commercial uses. This project implements the third and final phase of a master plan that is replacing a1940’s public housing development and transforming it into a mixed income community that redefines the notion of public housing. Phase 3 consists of two new midrise apartment buildings, landscaped recreation areas and parking on a three-acre site. The development will provide 108 new apartments designed to meet a high standard of sustainability, comfort and amenity. All of the apartments are designed to the same high standard of quality in terms of materials, finishes, appliances and unit sizes. The complex includes 54 public housing units, 27 moderate-income/work-force units, and 27 market rate units with one, two and three bedroom apartments. Key features of the project include design for resiliency because the site is located just one block from the seashore and is subject to periodic flooding. Accordingly, all residential units and all mechanical equipment rooms are located at or above the second floor level. Open parking garages and entry lobbies occupy the first floor and a “dry” path of egress is provided from the second floor to a pedestrian path that is raised above the 100 year flood level.


Client: Trinity Financial
Cost: $46 million
Complete: 2021


Building D West Elevation

Building D North Elevation

Building E West Elevation

Building E East Elevation