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Context /Significance
The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower was built in 1932 and crowns Mount Greylock, the highest point in the state, at an elevation of 3,481 feet above sea level. The memorial was dedicated in June 1933 as a tribute to the Commonwealth’s men and women in the uniform.

The War Memorial Tower is a 93-foot high lighthouse-like icon built of Quincy granite. It endures chronic problems with water penetrating through the masonry exterior due to the unique boreal climate on the summit, and these issues have existed since the tower’s initial construction.

DHK Architects led a team of experts who designed improvements to address the water infiltration and related humidity problems. The team evaluated alternatives and recommended solutions to preserve the War Memorial Tower, which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The improvements included re-sealing of the exterior mortar joints, repair of the ventilation fans, installation of a new dehumidification system, mitigation of hazardous materials, and creating new accessible paths of travel into the monument. The work also included repair of interior finishes, installation of energy-efficient light fixtures and the introduction of new interpretative exhibits inside the chamber.

Special features
A special challenge was planning and phasing the construction work so that it could be executed in two short weather-constrained construction seasons.